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Recruiting With Science 

Unlike job boards, general staffing firms and traditional recruiters, we use a rigorous marketing and scientific methodology proven to help companies quickly and easily hire the sales talent needed to drive revenue and growth. Guaranteed.

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Screening Of Candidates

We always ensure we gain a full understanding of your recruitment needs before we start matching ideal candidates for your available positions.

We will work with you to ensure you get the ideal candidate as quickly as possible, so you can allow your business to flourish in the hands of people who want to make your business a true success story.

Happy and well-placed candidates who truly care about your business make all the difference to the work environment, your bottom line and enable you as a business owner to focus on growing your business .

White Label Training 

We realise the importance of finding candidates that fit in with your company culture and values that are committed to staying long-term.   We want to ensure our clients are getting the most out of potential candidates which is why we offer a white-labeled training program.   Not sure the exact order or have a system in place for training in place?   No worries Swift will provide you company branding training manual at no additional charge.    A true partnership you can count on.  

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Candidate Database

We have a comprehensive database of top talent who have already been screened and vetted. They are also stored on our database in relevant categories based on their skillset so we can quickly source and deploy talent.


The Swift Difference